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My colleagues at KBR have guided me as I develop in my career by introducing me to different methods of understanding, by collaboration and by providing advice on how to navigate new projects.
– Mansoor, IT Procurement Specialist
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I have been involved in KBR’s volunteer and community efforts for over twenty years and feel like I make a real difference with so many wonderful and worthwhile charities.
– Judy, Principal Designer, Onshore
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Being able to see a project grow from a conceptual design to a finished product has made for an extremely fulfilling career. Every assignment has offered new opportunities and challenges to grow and develop the skills required to succeed.
– Logan, Technical Professional
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I have been given amazing opportunities to expand my knowledge and skill set, and those opportunities are available to anyone willing to go outside their comfort zone and take on additional roles and responsibilities.
– Celia, Attorney
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I have learned a lot and expanded my horizons during my time at KBR. I have been trained in a wide variety of topics, ranging from risk strategy to leadership — and the most important, teamwork.
– Osagie, Project Manager
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The people at KBR are very passionate about their jobs and are focused on creating value. Joining such a team makes you feel like you are actively creating something lasting and impactful.
– Natalie, Technology Sales & Marketing
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