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KBRwyle continues successful astronaut mission support

​KBRwyle welcomed record-breaking astronaut Dr. Peggy Whitson to Earth Saturday, Sept. 2. KBRwyle and teammates have monitored the health and welfare of International Space Station Commander Whitson while in orbit for her latest mission of nine months, and they don't plan to stop now.

Whitson, along with her Expedition 52 crewmate Jack Fischer, safely landed in Kazakhstan after their mission in space. Over the course of her three missions, Whitson has spent nine months away from Earth, breaking the record for cumulative time spent in space by a U.S. astronaut.

Peggy Whitson working on the ISS

Throughout this time, KBRwyle and teammates provided medical assistance and monitored the health of Whitson and her fellow crewmates around the clock. They will continue to monitor and collect data on the astronauts for one year as they readapt to Earth.

During the next two weeks, KBRwyle's Human Health and Performance Contract team will be dedicated to collecting medical data at NASA's Johnson Space Center. The company's team of scientists will conduct post-flight analyses, including medical screening and lessons learned. The team will help the astronauts rehabilitate to Earth by continuing to successfully meet their medical needs.

Expedition 52 Soyuz MS-04 Landing, photo by NASA HQ

KBRwyle provides medical care for astronauts before, during and after missions. KBRwyle works to minimize the negative effects of microgravity while in orbit, and ensure a safe and injury-free re-adaptation to Earth. The company also provides psychological support and communications for crew members and their families.

For 16 years, KBRwyle has provided uninterrupted medical support to the International Space Station. The company's history with the space program is extensive with 40 medical, environmental and biomedical research systems developed and implemented for ISS. KBRwyle has provided space medicine services to NASA's human space flight programs including Shuttle, NASA/Mir[OS1] , International Space Station, and are preparing for exploration and commercial crew programs.

Expedition 52 Soyuz MS-04 Landing, photo by NASA HQ

KBRwyle's provides an integrated team of scientists, physicians, engineers, and operations personnel. As human presence in space evolves, KBRwyle continues to be the leader in the definition of medical care to match the flight profile.

With Expedition 53 still operating the ISS and NASA in command, KBRwyle will continue to support the ISS and help prepare the next crew that is scheduled to launch mid-September.