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KBR Supports UK Armed Forces’ Lead Exercise in Oman

Over the course of three months last year, KBR supported the UK Armed Forces in the largest military exercise conducted by the UK Armed Forces in 17 years. Saif Saree 3 (SS3) was held at Al Mussanah Airbase in northeastern Oman and was the third UK-Oman joint exercise, with the previous exercises taking place in 1986 and 2001.

SS3 showcased the two military powers' ability to operate together in austere conditions. The combined effects of the UK and Omani forces were on display through the deployment of a Coalition Join Task Force. Some 5,500 UK regular and reserve military personnel participated alongside over 60,000 Omanis from the Sultan's Armed Forces.

SS3 was the largest military exercise conducted by the UK Armed Forces in 17 years.

KBR provided numerous services on the base including hard standing for a Role 1 emergency hospital and the Joint Force Logistics Headquarters (JFLogC). KBR erected a security fence around the JFLogC compound, ran and serviced the generator, and provided shower and toilet facilities for the site. In addition to these services in support of the military exercise, KBR provided three office blocks and five storage units. Two of the storage units were used for medical purposes and the others for Voyager aircraft components.

KBR's FTX Logistics team supported the exercise by providing fifteen Heavy Equipment Transporters (HET) that were used through the duration of the military exercise and recorded over 99,000 miles (160,000). Three of the HETs will remain in Oman for 'Exercise Khanjar Edge,' another military exercise that will take place in the spring of 2019.

KBR's regular service on base includes meal preparation and service due to the influx of military servicemen on the base during the exercise period, catering and associated service staff had to increase from 92 to 450 personnel. KBR also provided hot and packaged meals to 1,500 incoming troops, transiting from Brize Norton to the training areas and supplied the same service to the outgoing troops in early December.

KBR provided meal preparation and catering services to military personnel at Al Mussana airbase during SS3.

Stu Burnham, Station Quartermaster Flight Sergeant in Oman, said, "I wanted to say a sincere thanks for the support I have received from KBR in what was a very busy four months. The level of serviced and dedication they have provided not only to 902 EAW but to Ex Saif Sareea personnel was phenomenal."

"As ever, KBR was collaborative and agile in providing what the military needed both to enhance routine services and also providing bespoke services such as extra accommodation, security, ablutions and power supply," said Leigh Jackson, Associate Project Leader. "This was all successfully delivered to a very satisfied military customer within contracted costs for the duration of SS3. The KBR reputation well and truly upheld."

KBR continues to deliver top-of-the-line support services to military personnel deployed in countries around the world and in some of the most remote and hostile locations. Our work allows troops to execute their mission and government personnel to focus on their work.