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KBR Continues Legacy of Supporting the U.S. Military in Eastern Europe

KBR has a long and successful history of providing logistics and base operations support to the U.S. military. That legacy will continue with support contracts recently awarded by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Europe District for three U.S. Army Europe forward maintenance sites in Bulgaria, Lithuania and Romania. Under the Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP IV) and U.S. Army Europe Support Contracts (USC II), KBR is providing logistics support service which includes field maintenance, wash rack operations, material handling equipment, and furnishing a hazardous waste storage area.

The equipment includes tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, and artillery brought to theater by units rotating from the U.S. to the region for training and exercises.  The tasks require a great deal of logistical support and KBR's experience and expertise makes for a uniquely qualified team to deliver wide-ranging solutions for the U.S. military.

KBR's LOGCAP IV and USCII advance teams were mobilized in November 2015 to establish KBR's groundwork in the region. Immediate coordination began with the 405th Army Field Support Brigade (AFSB) for three sites: the Mumaiciai site located near the city of Siauliai, Lithuania; Novo Selo Training Area (NSTA) located near the city of Mokren, Bulgaria; and Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base (MK) near the city of Constanta, Romania.

map.jpg KBR support sites in Lithuania, Bulgaria and Romania

In Lithuania, the project execution phase began by setting-up operations and offices for KBR's Contractor Support Office and the LOGCAP team. Following the set up phase of the project, follow on tasks included security assessments, obtaining permanent living accommodations for KBR personnel, researching the local market for tools, equipment, and supplies, and interviewing local subcontractors to support the mission.

In addition to the team on the ground in Lithuania, KBR's LOGCAP IV advance and program management teams in Houston provided needed support as well. The U.S. Government requested a vehicle wash rack, something the Mumaiciai location did not previously have. KBR quickly responded and established a temporary vehicle wash rack using a local subcontractor for the engineering and construction project in a record time of ten days upon receipt of U.S. Government direction.

temporary-vehicle-wash-rack.jpg KBR established a temporary vehicle wash rack in ten days upon request from the U.S. Government

In Bulgaria and Romania, USC II already had an established presence at NSTA and MK Air Bases, respectively, providing base operations and exercise support. KBR employees from Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo temporarily moved to these two bases in December for the turn-in of European Activity Set equipment. The process of turning in military equipment entails a great amount of organization, logistical expertise, and coordination with U.S. Government officials.  After managing the equipment turn-in, KBR oversaw the maintenance and necessary repairs of the combat vehicles which require special skills, tools, and facilities. KBR mechanics, with assistance from the local team of mechanics, restored the equipment to mission capable status and prepared the equipment for a later draw.

Getting the specialized tools for mechanics to support this particular mission was a challenge but KBR executed a strategic plan which started by purchasing basic hand tools locally, which were then delivered to each site. Working as One KBR and supporting the assignment in the field, KBR's Procurement team in Houston established a specific action plan and timeframe to acquire more specialized tools which were tracked on a daily basis for timely delivery.  

Mechanics-at-Novo-Selo-Training-Area-near-Mokren-Bulgaria.jpg Mechanics at Novo Selo Training Area, near Mokren, Bulgaria

KBR is preparing to perform the first draw of equipment in support of a major NATO exercise. To properly prepare for the draw, KBR is establishing inventory and inspection processes to enhance the U.S. Army's timeline to receive the equipment for field exercises.

KBR is proud to utilize our capabilities to continue to support the U.S. military. The logistics experts that make up the KBR team are looking forward to completing these tasks and expanding to planned maintenance sites across Europe.